From 1911 till the mid-1930's, Princess Der Ling wrote eight books and numerous articles, most of them about her life as a Westernized Chinese woman in China and about how, in the West, she negotiated the disappearance of the world of emperors and empresses on the outer fringes of which she had been bred and in which, during that world's final moments, she had lived.
She was a born educator who, for all her habits of exaggeration, devoted immense energy to opening dialogues between East and West, cultures she believed were less separate and different from each other than their respective citizens knew or acknowledged.

Der Ling's books


  • Two Years in the Forbidden City, Moffat Yard & Co. NY 1911
  • Old Buddha, Dodd Mead & Co. NY 1928
  • Kow Tow, Dodd Mead & Co. NY 1929
  • Lotos Petals, Dodd Mead & Co. NY 1930
  • Jades and Dragons, The Mohawk Press NY 1932
  • Golden Phoenix, Dodd Meadd & Co NY 1932
  • Imperial Incense, Dodd Mead & Co. NY 1933
  • Son of Heaven, Appleton/Century NY 1935


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The Empress Dowager Cixi (by Hubert Vos, 1905)

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